One of the advantages of Amahi is it comes with one of the largest app stores, through which you can extend your server to do anything you so wish with one click. a) The latest version of FreeNAS is 64-bit only so you would have to use an older version if you have 32-bit hardware. In which case you only need 4GB RAM and, again, can run with less.

The software can be used to schedule and record live TV. The tool helps you to create a playlist and share it with other people. The application enables you to manage content access for your children.

The tool can be used for Windows, Linux, OS X, and Mac. Madsonic software can resample the music to a suitable bitrate. JRiver Media Center is a program that enables you to manage and watch movies and videos. You can control your media using iPhone, iPad, and more. OpenELEC is a tool that enables you to play movies collections.

Download our virtual appliance and start using Netwrix Auditor without having to provision any hardware or software. Get a complete list of features of Netwrix Auditor for Windows File Server in a format convenient for comparing the product to your requirements.

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Regular alerts are helpful for detecting a ransomware attack or mass data removal, but what if a threat is more advanced than that? Universal Media Server is a tool that enables you to organize and serves video, audio, and images to any device. The application can stream to any device, including LG, Sony, Samsung, and more. The tool enables you to edit the music album without any hassle. Ampache is an open source tool that enables you to browse and manage music using easy to use web interface. It allows you to listen to your favorite songs on the website with HTML 5 player.

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  • You might want to give it a go if you need something to backup files.
  • FBackup performsfull and mirror1backupsand can save your files to local or networked drives, removal disks, and the cloud .
  • While it made disk and partition backups faster than any other local backup tool I reviewed, it was the slowest in backing up individual files.
  • Despite unwanted in-program ads and a clumsy interface, FBackup has something to offer.
  • It makes basic backup jobs easy and even allows you to save files to the cloud.

OpenSSH has a SFTP-Server add-on that will allow you to utilize it as an SFTP server – its definitely not nearly as easy to setup and configure as Solarwinds Server from above. In short, SFTP provides all the same functionality and performance of FTP but removes the glaring and staggering security flaws. But FTP even since the beginning has had several remarkable flaws – most notably it’s lax security. Today we’re going to jump into discovering the top SFTP Server software, but before we can do that, we’ll look at the origins of the protocol.

JScape is another MFT styled option, a “Managed File Transfer”, which Dropbox is intended to provide a wide reaching swathe of features for managing every step and overseeing every aspect, securely, of transfers. The Cornerstone MFT Server is another program by SRT – it offers pretty much all of the functionality of their Titan server and plenty more. Very light on features and meant for quick and easy testing or other short-term or immediate needs. Much like Core’s Free “Mini” server, this self-proclaimed “Tiny” server is just that. It requires almost no setup or installation, essentially no configuration, and simply does what it needs to do. SRT’s Titan FTP Server is another option that is geared much more towards large implementations in need of a great deal for scalability, regulation compliance, and other more powerful features. Tectia’s SSH server, which of course handles many protocols including SFTP, is somewhat remarkable in one particular way.

You can manage multiple server migrations from the Windows Admin Centre interface. Free open source technologies mean you get to enjoy the ClearOS home server experience, but only pay for products and services you really need. This open-source platform integrates free open source technologies in order to deliver a simple, low-cost hybrid experience for your home network. FreeNAS can be installed on any hardware platform and is used with ZFS – a highly flexible, enterprise-ready open source file system that eliminates most of the shortfalls of legacy file systems. If you prefer creating or building your home server from a simplified context, then Amahi is your best bet.